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The Understanding and Certainty that We are Not in Control of Our Process

At the beginning of practice, we are usually identified with the individual self and are not yet aware of the force of Living Being that is responsible for realization and for spiritual experience. At the beginning of the path, the enlightenment drive appears to us as our commitment to and interest in practice, as our devotion to and love for the truth and for reality. As our practice matures, not only do we have various openings, insights, and experiences but also we begin to recognize that the arising of the experiences of true nature is what undergirds our practice—not only what motivates it, but also what guides it, and even generates it. We begin experientially to deconstruct the notion of causality. We see that our work doesn’t lead to the arising of aspects and dimensions of true nature, but that the aspects and dimensions themselves lead us to the questions and the issues and the focus that arise in our spiritual process. It is realization that actualizes itself—usually through our practice. So when we are established in the understanding and the certainty that we are not in control of our process, that Being or true nature is actually in charge, then our unfoldment becomes a runaway unfoldment, which means that everything happens on its own. When we recognize that everything happens on its own, reality begins to unfold consciously on its own, which further intensifies the process. Our process flows from one quality to another, one dimension to another, one insight to another, intensifying and deepening all the time. This is an important juncture in the Diamond Approach. We call it runaway unfoldment, meaning that unfoldment is unstoppable. Our unfoldment is no longer dependent on our practice—rather, it makes our practice happen.

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