Excerpt About Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness is a Unitary Field that Possesses Variations and Differentiations

Different sources refer to this conscious existence differently: some call it God, others call it universal or cosmic consciousness, still others call it boundless presence or Being. We don’t have to call it anything. When we do call it something, we are creating the first word to describe the beginning of experience. This word is something like “existence” or “being.” It’s the beginning of the big bang. We are aware of existence as a boundless ocean of conscious light, a boundless ocean of sensation. Everything else is a product of the mind. Everything else is a differentiation within this cosmic consciousness. The mind does not create these objects completely on its own. The cosmic consciousness is a unitary field that possesses variations and differentiations. Our conceptual mind abstracts these differentiations, labels them, and then believes they exist on their own, instead of recognizing that they are manifestations of one field of existence. Our mind creates the universe we normally view by reifying the already existing differences in the unified field of consciousness. When we finally become aware of this process of reifying, and experience the world independently of our mental concepts, we realize that we are in touch with this pure cosmic consciousness all the time. We are never out of touch with this consciousness. Everything manifests the one consciousness. This pure presence of consciousness creates every sensation we are aware of all that we see, all that we hear. Pure consciousness is one. There are no entities separate from pure consciousness or separate from each other. So, to dissolve mind in heart means simply to allow the awareness of pure consciousness.

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