Excerpt About Cosmic Consciousness

Characteristics of Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness has the following characteristics: It is a Presence. It is a very soft Presence; gentle, delicate, smooth and flowing. One is like a wisp, like a delicate and soft cloud. It is conscious. This Presence is experienced as the very stuff of consciousness. It feels like light itself, but more like the substance of light, not as rays of light, but as a flow of light, as an ocean of light. It is "light upon light". It is Love. This conscious substance of light is soft, gentle, tender and sweet. It is loving. It is as if one becomes an ocean of Love that is conscious. So one can call it conscious love, or the Loving Light. In traditional literature this is sometimes referred to as Universal Love or Christ Love. It is both Consciousness and Love in the same Presence. It is boundless. There is no sense of individual or personal boundaries in this aspect of Being. The conscious and loving Presence is felt to pervade everything, to extend infinitely, as a homogeneous soft medium The Cosmic Consciousness is responsible for the appearance of form. This can be seen in a deeper experience and appreciation of this aspect of Being. One realizes that this conscious Presence is not only one's own nature and substance, but that it is the nature and substance of all existence, including the physical universe.

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