Excerpt About Courage

The Importance of Courage
We need a bold, courageous, adventurous heart to take us where we have never gone. Because that’s what the inner journey is—going where we haven’t gone before. If we only have a nice, kind heart, that might help us to not attack ourselves, but we won’t take the bold step of moving into the now, of being open and vulnerable to whatever beckons us into new territory.... ...It takes an adventurous spirit to say, “Well, let’s jump and see what happens.” But remember that the jumping is not a matter of doing anything. It’s more about the sense of courage, of boldness in that whatever arises, whatever happens, we will allow ourselves to be vulnerable to it. So compassion is necessary, but it needs to be balanced with a strength in the form of an adventurous spirit, a spirit that wants to experience the unknown. We’re talking about a sense of vitality and strength that is not passively waiting for things to happen, but is dynamic and interested in what might arise at any moment. We’re talking about being ready to go—although we don’t go anywhere, really. We just keep being where we are in every moment.

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