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Being Separate Has to do with a Creation of the Mind

Separation happens in very early childhood, in the first year of life or so. When babies are first bom, they do not experience themselves as separate. Being separate has to do with a creation of the mind. As your mind develops, and has concepts, you conceptualize an entity that is you, that is based on the perception of your body. Before that happens, there is oneness. Oneness is nothing but the experience of reality without the intervention of the mind, without concepts. Oneness is nonconceptual reality. What are concepts? Concepts are nothing but boundaries. You take something and conceptualize it, and you create boundaries around it. This is a human being, this is a tree, this is a house, this is a feeling, this is a sensation: All these are concepts. When you are not doing that, all separateness disappears. Then it is possible to see reality as it is. That’s why it is hopeless to do anything to experience oneness, because the moment you try to do anything, you are doing it according to your mind. How else can you do it? The moment you try to do anything to get to oneness, you are doing it according to your mind; then oneness is still an idea, a concept. If you are living according to your mind, you are going to perpetuate your mind, and in perpetuating your mind, you are not going to see reality completely naked. Oneness happens by complete relaxation, not by going after anything.

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