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Creation Exists as a Lawful Pattern
Perceiving the flow is simply a particular way of looking at reality. Sometimes you might feel as if you are applying your will, with great consequence. When you investigate further, you realize that the application of the will, the decision to apply the will, is not initiated by you. What initiates will is the source. The result of applying the will is identical with the application of the will. The flow of the pattern is lawful, as nature is lawful. When the temperature and pressure coincide in a particular way, clouds form. Then there is rain or snow or fog. Unfoldment too happens according to the laws of the truth. Because we don't see these laws, we adhere to the smaller perspective of cause and effect, of time and space. So we understand reality in terms of the limited laws of time and space. But truth has its own laws. Creation exists as lawful pattern.

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