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Creativity When You are in the World and Of It

Creativity is everything. Everything you see, whatever you think, wherever you go—there is creativity; something new is being created. There are three dimensions, three levels to the journey of this Work, and we can look at the question of creativity from these three levels. The first dimension is that you are in the world and are of it. In the second dimension, you are in the world but not of it. And in the third dimension you are part of the world but not of it. The first level—you are in the world and of it—is the conventional perspective. Most people experience themselves in the world and of it. How is creativity seen from this perspective? Creativity is seen as someone doing something new: whenever there is a creation, an idea, or production such as a painting, sculpture, design, poem, music, that hasn’t been done before. From this perspective, the more you are different from other people the more creative you are. Sometimes the weirder you are, the more creative. Many artists fall into this category. But often in art, creativity is nothing but the expression of the unconscious. Something is inside you that you’re not aware of, so you express it by a creative act. The creativity brings out the unconscious and expresses it through some artistic production. In that sense it is good, in that it allows your unconscious to come out and be seen and expressed.

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