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Creativity When You are in the World but Not Of It

The second dimension has to do with being in the world but not of it. Creativity here means expressing the part of you that is not of the world. This means the part of you that is really you, that is not part of the conventional world of human conditioning—the expression of this is the process of creativity. If you are self-realized, you are in a constant process of creativity. The true self is always being lived out. You are being your true self and just living. And living yourself out is a creative act, it is creativity, because who you are is always new (always new, but not necessarily different). You might simply be sipping a cup of tea, but you are being creative, because it is like the first time you have done it, very new, fresh, very clean. So there is creativity in it. For instance, you make yourself an egg in the morning, and because you are what is really you, you are artistic and creative in the way you do it. You do it delicately, precisely, with great beauty. You are there, you’re aware, and everything is perceived in a very delicate way. Being yourself means being present. Creativity is the living out of your presence. The more you are yourself, the more you’re being naturally creative. Creativity then is the process of living, the process of understanding.

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