Excerpt About Creativity

Creativity When You are Part of the World but Not In It

In the third dimension, when you are part of the world but not in it, creativity is all that you see, everything that you see. It is like a dream, in that when you dream, you are creating the dream. You are creating the whole world. Everything you see around you is in the process of creativity, is in the process of being, or coming into being: creation. That is actually the objective situation—everything that you see around you is being created every second. This world that you see—all these people, this house, the floor, the light, the plants—are not products of the past; they are being created right at this moment, constantly, always being generated. The world is not a product of the past, and you are not the product of your past. You think you are there because you were born and grew up. In a sense this is true; however, right at this moment where do you come from? You don’t come from your mother’s womb at this moment. So at this second where do you come from? To see the answer is to know and participate in what creativity is, what creation is. This is the greatest creativity, the greatest art.

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