Excerpt About Curiosity

The Childlike Quality of the Heart
The childlike quality of the heart manifests as curiosity. Children want to know about everything. what is this and why is that? That attitude has to be there when you want to know what is here. You don't want to leave any stone unturned. You want to know not from the goal-oriented scientific mind of trying to figure something out, but from the joy and wonder in every moment of discovery. If you really get into knowing what is here, each moment feels like the first time. Just like a child who repeats something over and over again without losing any delight or interest. When you explore what is here and now, everything is always for the first time. Who we are is such an infinite richness. If we allow ourselves to go through that investigation, that loving and curious investigation, that then becomes life. Life is nothing but the unfoldment of who we are.

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