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Vehemence in Defending the Personality

Usually when a person is beginning to work on herself, she has no idea of the difference between choices that are motivated by personality and choices motivated by Essence. She may think that doing this kind of thing instead of that kind of thing will help her be herself, but there is no clear guiding principle. The person not only lacks a guiding principle, but because of ego identifications, she believes what her personality is urging her to do and is very vehement about defending these things. “This is me. This is who I am. This is what is best to do.” Every time you question her plans for the future or her ideas about who she thinks she is, she feels threatened. To even begin to question these structures means the possibility of destroying all her beliefs. In the Diamond Approach we say that the drive of the personality for independence and identity is really a distorted reflection of wanting a certain aspect of Essence—what we call the personal aspect. This is often referred to in certain Sufi stories as the Princess Precious Pearl or the Pearl Beyond Price. There are many stories about the princess—the Personal Essence—being liberated from a prison which is, of course, the prison of the personality, what is false in us. In other stories, it is the search for a precious gem that represents the search for Personal Essence.

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