Excerpt About Delusions

The Paradox of Practice and Spontaneous Realization

This delusion of being motivated to practice and to seek the truth is instigated by reality itself stirring within us. Although it is a better delusion, a lighter or less obstructive delusion than that of the conventional self, it is nonetheless a delusion—it is simply not true. If we have some contact, some in-touchness, some realization of True Nature—of its immensity or spaciousness or vastness or luminosity or love—then when we live our realization, that naturally expresses itself as practicing, as the engagement with life from the perspective of reality. Realization expresses itself in life. I am not suggesting that there is no love and no compassion, or that love and compassion and service are not true. They are true, and they are not yours. You have not developed love and compassion and service; you are not their source. This is the beginning of understanding the paradox of practice and spontaneous realization. We recognize that even the interest in realization is already realization itself practicing, and by realization practicing, realization is simply realizing realization. We could say that True Nature is stirring and motivating us, and that is true in some sense. However, it is true from the limited perspective of the individual soul. From a larger perspective, True Nature is simply manifesting its possibilities, spontaneously and naturally, through the individual soul.

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