Excerpt About Delusions

Appropriating Realization is a Delusion

We are exploring the view of totality by seeing the dual and the nondual from different angles and directions, because it is not sufficient simply to have an intellectual understanding. It is important to have an experiential appreciation of how this dynamic works. This view will not completely make sense to the mind unless we know it directly, unless we recognize it with our own perception. We are making our way step by step so that as many of us as possible can come along and see how reality works, see what the dynamic of its realization is. From the beginning of spiritual practice, it is your own enlightenment and your own realization. You cannot, however, appropriate it as an individual self. Although it is your own realization because you are Living Being, by believing that it is your realization as an individual, you appropriate it in a way that disconnects you from what you truly are. The appropriation is neither a sin nor a moral mistake, but simply a delusion. Basically, it is a cognitive error that creates discord, that shows you how Being manifests when it is not revealing its enlightenment and its freedom. Having as complete an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic of realization as possible helps liberate the creative, living dynamism of Being. And as the dynamism of Being is liberated, we recognize that dynamism is always free and always enlightened, but only recognizes its freedom through the mature soul.

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