Excerpt About Delusions

The Delusion of Helping

So the condition of realization challenges the orientation of the helping professions and the teaching professions. Any kind of helping. The moment that we feel we are going to help somebody, we have all kinds of reasons to feel motivated. As we examine these reasons, many subtle structures and delusions are challenged and clarified. Some of us are compulsive helpers—we can’t stop helping. Before we were realized, we were helping by saying nice things, cooking for people, giving them money, massaging them, and so on. And after we are illuminated, we want to give them teachings, presence, and transmission. But it is the same impulse. We are still helping, still trying to be useful. Many of us are attached to this helping object relation, and this can actually limit further realization without our knowing it. And seeing through the delusion of helping challenges the basic assumption that there is one person helping another person, or one person motivated to help another person. We have already established that motivation is an approximation of reality. Although, for some time, it is a useful approximation, we eventually need to see through it. We need to see that reality naturally manifests true nature, that it is its nature to do that.

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