Excerpt About Delusions

The Delusion of Motivation

It might be easier to see through the delusion of motivation in our own inner process than to consider it in relationship to other people. “Well, of course, there is compassion and love toward other people. Of course, it’s natural to help others.” Yes, there is compassion and love for other people. But whose compassion and love? And compassion and love for whom? Because if we don’t see the other person as Living Being itself evolving in some way, if we see them as some kind of a person, as a sentient being, then we are deluded. There is no such thing. Rather, we could say that it is an approximation, that it is one way that Being manifests itself when it doesn’t recognize its true nature and doesn’t recognize the true nature of the other. Given this awareness, what happens to helping? How do we actually help somebody else?

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