Excerpt About Delusions

Persistence of Subtle Delusions

Many chapters of the books in this series address particular states or facets of reality that reveal specific ways in which reality manifests to us. Throughout the books, there is a natural progression of subtlety and depth in the facets described. This is not, however, due to any attempt on my part to follow a gradual path, but because reality’s inherent intelligence expresses itself in my teaching in the most appropriate and digestible form of spiritual purity for those individuals receiving it at the time. We cannot receive subtle and profound truths of reality all at once, due to the many delusions that constitute our ignorance—both learned and innate—and the natural limitation based on the degree of maturity of our individual consciousness. Even when we are realized or enlightened, the aliveness of reality will at some point reveal, if given freedom of expression, that some subtle delusions still remain that have been unconsciously taken to be permanent features of reality. Some might take this to mean that one’s liberation is limited, but the Diamond Approach sees it as a sign that reality is alive and dynamic, and hence never settles permanently on one particular condition as being the state of enlightenment. Every delusion that we discover simply points to a deeper and more inclusive enlightenment, thus moving enlightenment toward the freedom to unfold from realization to further realization.

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