Excerpt About Depression

Becoming Comfortable with Depression

Some people are so used to feeling pain, anxiety, and depression that they’re comfortable with it. They complain every day about how unsafe life is, but what truly terrifies them is to feel something light and open that doesn’t have pain and heaviness. What they lack is the courage to let go of the familiar ground that defines their experience of the world. Inquiry is in some sense an invitation for our Being to transform our experience, to change our lives. If our invitation is limited, the revelation of our Being will be limited. However, if our invitation is completely open, then Being will be welcomed to reveal the fullness of its possibilities. Such a daring and courageous attitude, however, does not come from pushing yourself. It’s not that you grit your teeth, act tough, and stop feeling anything. It’s more that you’re courageous enough to feel, you’re bold enough to be vulnerable, daring enough to be open. The openness itself has a boldness; it doesn’t buckle under when you feel fear or terror. It embodies a fearlessness that has the capacity to be present regardless of the fear. We may tremble, but we keep piloting our ship.

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