Excerpt About Desire

Blocked by Our Ideas of What Desire Means

At some point, we may start to have a craving of the kind we have been describing here—for something more or deeper that we can’t name. And perhaps our desire wants to express itself in a new way but we can’t seem to allow that force to take us toward what we want. We are blocked by our ideas of what desire has meant to us in the past. In fact, initially, we may not even recognize the force in us as desire. Most of us think of desire as being always for something outside us, so it is difficult to imagine desire without it being focused on an object. Take the situation of falling in love. As long as our experience of desire is attached to another person or situation, we believe that love itself is dependent on the outside. Unless our love is liberated from this attachment, our full potential to love—which is present in us whether we are relating to another person or not—cannot reveal itself to us. But we will never reach that freedom unless we first allow ourselves to completely feel our wanting as it is. And the ego has a hard time doing that.

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