Excerpt About Desire

The Force behind Manifestation

This energy of desire is also the force behind manifestation. We are here because this force is birthing us into existence right now, exploding and arising at this moment. At each point in our experience, we are exploding into now, nakedly, purely. And this now is the presence of this dynamic force that is birthing us into existence this very moment. So one of the ways we experience the force of manifestation through individual consciousness is as desire. Anytime we feel a desire, it can open up the potential for the qualities of our nature to arise. Desire is the force that calls us toward something we don’t know, that leads us to what is beyond that which we’re wanting. One of the main ways the vibrating, scintillating, throbbing quality of our Being can express itself is as desire. When we want something, our desire is pushing itself up for recognition as the dynamism of our being; what fuels the wanting for that person or object or situation is always rooted in the energy of Being itself. But we tend to get caught up in the content of the desire rather than staying in touch with the fact that desire itself is starting to well up. Desire is the expression of the true energy of Being. When felt fully, it reveals itself and reconnects consciousness with its origins.

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