Excerpt About Desire

When Desire Runs Wild with the Interest and Joy of Discovery

When the energy of true desire combines with the fluid sweetness of love, we feel the presence of love and the generosity of heart together with the wanting and the desire—all as one unified presence. We experience an effulgently sparkling energetic presence. The desiring has a feeling of fullness in it. It is no longer a desire out of need; it is a robust fullness, a sweetness, an expression of love. It originates from connectedness, from presence, from being the now. Desiring is now coupled with generosity, and it is both giving and receptive of the gifting. A dance of a giving way of loving, and a bubbling delight of desire, now becomes possible. Desire runs wild with the interest and joy of discovery in the moment. Whether in relation to another person or not, the desire can arise and magnetically draw us near the source. We find ourselves wanting to know, discover, explore, find out about life, the world, and the inner world: what is this dance going to be like? What is this day going to bring? What will I find? What am I? How will I know you differently today? How will I know myself? What will it mean? How can we interact?

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