Excerpt About Destiny

Our Capacity to Know Our Nature and Destiny Makes Us Vulnerable

Our vulnerability is not the only characteristic of being human, but it is a uniquely human characteristic. It means that we’re influenceable, impressionable, and open. Many other creatures are by their very constitutions defended. That’s why I mentioned an alligator. An alligator doesn’t feel emotional hurt, right? It doesn’t feel that it loves someone, then gets rejected and feels hurt and abandoned. As far as we know, by its very nature, it’s defended, because it doesn’t have the capacity to feel. Through our capacity to think and to know, to know our nature and our destiny, we’re vulnerable to all kinds of feelings—fears, conflicts, and the like. If you see this situation clearly, you’ll observe that you’re actually terrified of this vulnerability, and that in most circumstances you avoid it. You probably see it as meekness, weakness, dependence. But however you see it, it remains the most uniquely human characteristic.

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