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Liberating the Energy of Desire

As we have already discussed, in many spiritual traditions, desire is considered negative because it is seen as an ego desire, which is a desire based on our animalistic impulses, our need to survive. Generally, it is recommended that you not feel desires, that you push them aside or just witness them, and continue staying focused on the practice rather than attend to the content. This is suggested so that you don’t get distracted by feelings, thoughts, and memories that can bring up a lot of inner conflict. As you see, there is a great deal of difficulty in just allowing the feeling itself. But the truth is that once we allow the feeling, we can understand it and allow it to fulfill its destiny. We have to learn how to do this in a way that optimizes our spiritual realization. Even so, we need to understand that not all desire is the same. For most individuals, desire and grasping onto the object of desire are the same thing. Desire that is related to attachment is suffering, and it keeps us dissociated from our nature; this type of desire has mostly to do with the self and its object of desire, not with the desiring itself. But as we have seen, desire can function as an avenue to our nature—if we can use the desiring energy that is usually directed outward, thereby creating attachment, to go inward. It takes a determination and a love for the truth to stay with that energy and follow it back to its origin, thereby liberating the energy of desire to serve freedom instead of keeping us bound in suffering.

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