Excerpt About Diamond Approach

This Teaching is Like a Many Faceted Diamond

Which do we have in our Work here? We call our method “The Diamond Approach.” We don’t call it “The Truth Approach,” “The Love Approach,” or “The Will Approach.” We call it “The Diamond Approach” for a particular reason. This teaching is like a many-faceted diamond. Our approach is not a specialization of one or even several facets. It is not a specialization of truth or compassion or emptiness, although we are concerned with all these aspects. We use the teaching of truth, the teaching of love, the teaching of clarity, of will, of compassion and the like, without focusing on any one of them exclusively. What we do is to use all the facets to create a balanced whole. We look from many different perspectives; we experience the same thing from all possible angles. If we have a specialization, it is the diamond as a whole, not one of its facets. We don’t take one attitude and focus on it by itself. We learn instead to work with various aspects and to balance them. We see, for instance, that surrender is important and useful, but we also see that curiosity about the truth is important and useful. We see that determination and will are useful. We also see that clarity is useful. All need to be taken together to form a balanced attitude which, ultimately, is not an attitude, but the absence of an attitude.

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