Excerpt About Diamond Guidance

The Capacity for Precise Objective Perception

When the Diamond Guidance is present, it gives us the capacity for precise, objective perception in terms of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling, as well as emotional feeling and inner sensing. It affects our perceptual capacities in such a way that they become crisp and distinct, transparent, and free from the dullness of accumulated past knowledge. So it makes our perception clear and objective. The Diamond Guidance also enhances our capacity for articulation. The articulation of experience requires many capacities, one of which is the knowledge of words, syntax, and grammar. But we cannot articulate our experience if it is not first delineated and discriminated clearly in our awareness. If the structure of our experience is not clear to us, how are we going to articulate it, even if we know the right words and how to use them? If our experience is vague, our articulation is also going to be vague. So the Diamond Guidance not only brings a sharpness and precision to our experience, it also helps us to be precise and clear in our articulation, by imbuing our expression with its own properties: precision, sharpness, clarity, objectivity, and discrimination.

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