Excerpt About Diamond Guidance

A Specific Integration of All the Essential Aspects
The Diamond Guidance, which is the dimension of Essence related to guidance and understanding, is a specific integration of all the essential aspects. All essential aspects exist in the Diamond Guidance, but differentiated. It is a structure of consciousness, which I call a Diamond Vehicle. It holds all the essential aspects, and each one is present in a differentiated and delineated way. So there is Strength, Joy, Compassion, Brilliancy, and so on, all present as themselves. They are, however, organized and integrated in a certain configuration and constitute a complete vehicle. They are all there functioning in unison, in harmony with each other. It is like a group of individuals who function in a harmonious way doing a specific work. One of the aspects can dominate and function while the others recede. Sometimes two of them are functioning while the rest have receded. But when Brilliancy functions, it functions in unity. It is one aspect.

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