Excerpt About Dichotomy

The Dichotomy that Many People Doing Spiritual Work Experience

Let’s investigate this dichotomy that many people doing spiritual work experience, between the drab, ordinary, unexciting, old world around us—the physical world—and the spiritual. We think that it is spiritual to move away from the material world. To approach the Work this way presents us with a big problem. We want the Work to make us successful and secure in the physical world, and at the same time we want a spiritual life that has nothing to do with that, that is beyond it, that is inner, that is more spiritual, that is not physical. This is a split orientation. However, this split orientation contains a seed of truth that is not apparent to us. For instance, you believe that God is within, or God is over there, somewhere beyond the world. You feel as if this truth is something mysterious like a goody you’ll find when you bite into one of your chocolates, or by doing strange things to your brain like ingesting some substance. It is true that you can find a God in heaven, or you can find God inside your heart. But from the perspective of the teaching that we will work with here, these experiences happen within your mind, within your knowledge. They are not yet the objective truth, not yet the experience of awakening.

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