Excerpt About Dichotomy

True Nature Transcends All Conceptual Dichotomies

True nature transcends the various categories of experience because it is beyond all form. In itself it transcends all conceptual dichotomies. It is neither small nor large, neither finite nor infinite. But these are not the important dichotomies that the soul comes up against as she dissolves into true nature. She rather encounters at this juncture dichotomies significant for her existence, life, and functioning. The most fundamental dichotomy that is challenged by the experience of true nature is the dichotomy of being and nonbeing. The soul has known essence as presence, true being. But as essence reveals itself as the true nature of everything it reveals its nature more completely. Essence is revealed here as both fullness and emptiness, both presence and absence. Each has been a true and authentic realization of true nature, but even this fundamental distinction turns out to be a form that differentiates out of the original mystery, a mystery beyond all differentiation. True nature is absolute being, but also absolute nonbeing. It is both presence and absence of presence. It is both but not exactly, because these are conceptual elaborations of which true nature is innocent. We say it is both being and nonbeing, or neither, only because these are fundamental concerns for the soul. Being is the last thing the soul needs to surrender as she opens up to her true nature. As she does this she learns about nonbeing. She experiences the emptiness and ontological absence of her existence, and everything else in manifestation. So she may believe that true nature is total emptiness, absolute nothingness, complete absence of existence.

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