Excerpt About Direct Perception

The Crucial Distinction Between Essence and the Mind

That is a very important observation. It reveals the crucial distinction between Essence and the mind. Essential knowing is the same as Essence because knowing Essence is being Essence. It is direct perception, direct embodiment of Essence. When Essence is not there, you try to remember it. However, the mind cannot reach Essence; it will try to remember Essence, but it cannot. Our normal, mental memory can’t remember the state of Essence. There is no way for the mind to do it. You experienced an aspect of Essence a few days ago. You remember it, but not exactly. You can’t remember the most important element. It’s not there. When the Essence is not there, there is no knowledge. The mind is there, and the experience of the mind usually is dulled by skepticism. It’s very good at doubting. You see, the mind does not have certainty about Essence. It cannot. Essence is beyond mind. Essence is not within the realm of mind. Mind only has images of Essence, perceptions of it.

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