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One's Enneatype Fixation is Due to an Incorrectness or a Distortion in How Reality is Perceived

One’s fixation, then, is due to an incorrectness or a distortion in how reality is perceived. According to the transmitted teaching of the Enneagram, this incorrect view will be corrected if you understand and experience reality through the undistorted perspective of the Holy Idea associated with your ennea-type. This is probably why the Holy Ideas are referred to as “psychocatalyzers” by Ichazo; they catalyze the process of transformation in the soul from identification with ego to identification with Being as who and what one is.This is one way of going about the process of transformation. From the perspective of the Diamond Approach, however, we see that basic trust needs to be re-established through contact with the quality of Living Daylight, and resulting from that, we will spontaneously experience the Holy Ideas and, therefore, see reality objectively. We have seen that as one works through the psychodynamic issues around basic trust, one naturally begins to perceive the Holy Idea of one’s fixation. As the Holy Ideas become understood, we learn to experience and live in reality, with its essential qualities and boundless dimensions. Basic trust opens the higher intellectual center, allowing us the view of the Holy Ideas, which liberates us from the delusions of ego and helps us to establish our consciousness in the unity of Being.

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