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Both Authenticity and Distortion are Inherent in the Potential of the Human Soul
As we have seen, our soul reveals its possibilities through its creative dynamism in two basic ways. The first is in an open and free manner, the second through a distorted and constricted process. In the former case, the soul manifests itself in a real and authentic way, while in the latter case, the soul becomes diminished, distorted, and disconnected from its true nature. Both of these experiences (authenticity and distortion) are inherent in the potential of our human soul. It is important to understand specifically and clearly the difference between these two major ways that our experience reveals itself … when our experience is free, and hence authentic, we discover that our soul is in touch with -- in fact, inseparable from -- true nature. The distorted experience, on the other hand, is characterized primarily by a lack of awareness of this true nature.

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