Excerpt About Divine Mind

The Knowingness of the Field of Reality

So the field that is reality is not only a presence that is awareness, but an awareness that is knowingness. Now, this discriminating awareness recognizes the whole as a field that has within it patterns that can be of color, form, shape, texture, smell, sound, or all these. These are the universal patterns. The inherent knowing of this whole field, with all its patterns, is sometimes referred to as the Divine Mind, or the mind of God. In other words, the knowing of all that exists is nothing but God’s mind. So if you take Being as the presence of God, then what we are saying is that the inherent knowingness is God’s mind. In that sense, because we discriminate ourselves from the whole field, we are all living in God’s mind; we are creations of God’s mind, contents of God’s mind. In fact, we are nothing but God’s ideas, because from the perspective of the presence of Being, all these forms are discriminations or concepts, and in some sense, words. Each form is a distinct vibration, with its own sound, but because each sound is known—inherently knowledge—it is also a word.

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