Excerpt About Divine

Use of the Word “Divine”

We are going to be using the word “divine” in a way that may be a little different than some of you are imagining. The word “divine” is usually connected with God. But people use the word “God” to mean other things as well. For some, “God” means simply the purity and the exquisiteness of the spiritual nature. So instead of saying that something is Godly, we will say that it is divine, to make a little distinction, a little difference. When the word “divine” is used in this teaching, we mean pure egolessness. “Divine” is, in a profound sense, beyond this world; it comes from beyond the physical world as we ordinarily know it. It is not physical and it is not emotional. It is not physical and it is not emotional. It is not mental. It’s spiritual—but not otherworldly. It is spiritual and without ego. When we use the word “divine,” we also mean something that is subtle. It is refined. We say that it is pure, pure in the sense that it doesn’t contain other things in it. It doesn’t include our past and our beliefs or our ideas about it. It is our nature that is not touched or contaminated by, not mixed with, our history, our associations, our culture, our preferences or ideas. It is completely pure as simply itself.

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