Excerpt About Doubt

Doubting the Work

You need to see what you project onto the Work and what relationship that projection resembles. Any time you doubt the Work, object to some of its principles, or rebel against some of its regulations, and you identify with such attitudes, you are actually not benefiting from the Work. The channel is being closed by your actions. In the old times, it was said that you were not fit for the Work in such cases and didn’t deserve it. I think that kind of judgment comes from the superego. It is better to say that your attitude is closing the door to your connection to Essence. When you make the effort to understand your reactions to what happens here, you will always find an underlying unconscious issue, some kind of resistance. Sometimes it is hard to learn from these observations. Although you might have experienced them a thousand times, you identify with the emotions each time as if you didn’t know better. Every time you identify with your reactions, it’s as if you go to sleep. You give time, energy, money for the Work. From the perspective of what you get, that’s peanuts. Furthermore, it is very little time, energy, and money. Having a connection to your essence cannot be measured in these terms of time, energy, and money. Becoming real, finding out who you are and learning how to live as a real and genuine human being, cannot be measured by these things. When you are thinking about how much time or money you are giving, that thought itself is closing the channels because you are bartering with the Work.

Discuss Doubt

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