Excerpt About Doubt

Doubting Your Realization

Sometimes we go to great lengths trying to get support, trying to get someone to love us, to see us, to support us. As I said, for a long time you need to be in an environment that supports your realization. You need to have at least some contact with people who know the reality that needs to be supported, because you don’t have your own support. If all the people around you are completely ignorant of that reality, you will find it difficult to realize that reality. And when you doubt it, the doubt by itself cuts away any support you have, and you lose your certainty. You are impressionable and not completely free, so you tend to believe people when they say, “That’s not true,” especially if they are people you care about. That’s the way you get completely cut down. This is the state of not being seen and not being appreciated for who you are. And what it is to be seen and appreciated changes depending on the state you are realizing.

Discuss Doubt

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