Excerpt About Doubt

To Not Doubt Doesn't Mean to Not Question

However, not to doubt doesn’t mean not to question. Questioning means curiosity and openness, while doubt expresses skepticism and fear. Curiosity says, for example, “Well, let me find out. I am open and curious and I’m happy to really inquire into whether guidance exists or not.” Doubt says, “I don’t know if there is such a thing, and I am suspicious and distrustful.” Some people say that doubt is good because it is a scientific approach. That is not true. The scientific approach is not doubt or skepticism; it is inquiry, it is questioning and challenging. Doubt or skepticism is a negative energy, a distorted expression of our Being, while curiosity and inquiry is a positive energy, an expression of the optimizing force. We don’t need skepticism and doubt in science; what we need is questioning, inquiry, and a curiosity that embodies openness. So inquiry, which is questioning based on a joyous curiosity, is not only good but also necessary for invoking the Guidance. In contrast, doubt or skepticism is a paranoid, aggressive attitude that cuts life off before it has a chance to grow. Doubt is a direct manifestation of the absence of faith in guidance. Yet some people feel that doubt is needed to avoid being duped, taken for granted, or led by the nose into something they will later regret. However, the absence of doubt is neither compliance nor dependence but instead a curiosity and openness. Only these qualities will reveal what is truly needed for our soul’s unfolding.

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