Excerpt About Dreaming

Creating a Reality Out of Nothing
But if you think further, you realize that there are things that are not explained by thinking of yourself merely as a physical organism. How can this body, this physical thing, have dreams at night? Dreams that look as real as this reality. When you are dreaming at night and you are walking in your dream and talking to people, it seems real. You feel things. You sense things. Everything is as real as it is now. How does that happen? Something in your mind can create a reality out of nothing. You are in bed. You are doing nothing. But in your experience there is a whole universe you've created that is exactly like this universe. But when you wake up you say, “Oh, that was just a dream. This is the real thing.” How do you know? If we have the capacity to create a dream and live in a dream in which everything feels real, then we have the capacity to create what we are doing right now.

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