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Duality Only in Perception but Not in Reality

The Sufi formulation ............. One becomes the immense solidity of the Absolute, totally still and inactive, while dispassionately witnessing the play of all phenomena. He witnesses all phenomena as the dynamic transformation of a cosmic and boundless consciousness, which consciousness arises in his silent immensity as a surface phenomenon. In the vastness of his silence, the world arises in all its multiplicity, but all the world is made out of a conscious presence, a presence which is a consciousness that can reflect on itself. So the world—with its fabric of consciousness—is the surface shimmering of the immensity of the absolute truth, forming only an onion-skin thin layer on its infinite depth. The fabric of conscious presence which is the world is inseparable from the Absolute, within it and part of it, but it is qualitatively different from it. This is like a body of water whose surface (or a bubble within it) is tinted by a color which differentiates it from the body itself, without separating from it in any way. The question of duality and nonduality is not so obvious in this state of realization. It is all the Absolute, so there is no duality, but there is a differentiation between the Absolute and the manifestation, which can be seen as duality. However, it is not the duality of the ego-self, where there is a subject autonomous from an object. The subject in this realization is the Absolute, but the object, which is the surface manifestation, is an inseparable part of it. So we may say there is duality only in perception but not in reality.

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