Excerpt About Duality

Realization that is Neither Dual nor Nondual

We can, for example, experience realization that is neither dual nor nondual. To limit reality to being either dual or nondual is inaccurate; these are concepts invented by human beings. Reality doesn’t think that way. The dual view perceives a separation between subject and object, between one thing and another. And the nondual view sees no separation, sees everything as the manifestation of the same reality. But we can realize a condition in which we recognize that separation is itself a concept that gives rise to the polar opposites of dual and nondual. We begin to see both duality and nonduality as conceptual points of view that frame reality in different ways. From the perspective of this kind of realization, we don’t see things as separate or not separate. The concept of separateness is not present and not perceived.

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