Excerpt About Dynamic Presence

Change is Never Local or Individual: it is Always Universal

The dimension of dynamic presence reveals that Being is not only the ground and ultimate constituent nature of everything, but that it is the only thing that changes. In other words, change is never local or individual; it is always universal. The totality of the universe, in all of its dimensions, changes as one indivisible Reality; the perception of these changes, when combined with ignorance of its true nature, gives us the impression that there exist objects that move and change. Since each point of the field of presence perpetually changes, giving the appearance of movement, development, transformation, and so on, we can say that no man has ever walked on the face of the earth. In fact, no human being has ever taken one step. No being, human or animal, has ever moved a limb. No being has ever changed, grown, matured, developed, evolved, declined, or decayed. No one has ever been born, lived, or died. It is only the appearance of true nature that changes. We call the changes of some locations of this appearance movement, of other locations transformation, and of yet others development or evolution. Depending on the characteristics of the changes of a particular location of appearance, in its relation to its neighboring locations, we may term the change transformation, development, evolution, decay, decline, and so on.

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