Excerpt About Dynamism

The Dynamism that Moves the Soul to Practice Without Any Framework of Motivation

The enlightenment drive embodies and expresses enlightenment itself, true nature itself—in its fullness, in its clarity, in its freedom, in its emptiness. True nature, in its freedom, inherently has a dynamic force that appears in the soul as the dynamism that moves her to feel motivated to practice. More deeply, it appears in the soul as the dynamism that moves her to practice without any framework of motivation. And even more accurately, the dynamism of true nature simply expresses itself as our practice. So from the condition of realization, when you are meditating, you don’t feel that you are practicing for any particular reason. You are not doing it for your benefit or for anybody else’s. You are not doing it for any special reason. You are just practicing. You love reality naturally and spontaneously. There is love of truth and movement toward it. Reality itself inherently moves toward greater truth; it naturally moves to reveal further secrets of its nature.

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