Excerpt About Dynamism

Everything is Created Anew Every Single Moment

Another thing that we begin to see through in the featurelessness of our true nature is the relationship between stillness and dynamism. One of the boundless dimensions that we haven’t talked about much yet accounts for the fact that things change, things happen and move. From the perspective of this nondual dimension of creative dynamism, everything is created anew every single moment and everything simply appears and disappears instantaneously. This is the recognition that reality is in constant flow and that this flow is how things happen. From the perspective of total nonconceptuality, we can see that this flow and dynamism are quite a recognizable feature. So movement, flow, and creativity are separate from stillness, silence, and rest. From the perspective of this dimension of dynamism, which we call the logos, all of reality is always occurring at the same time, all of it is a constant happening or constant flow, and all of it—including our thoughts, our feelings, our movement, our life—is always occurring. But from the perspective of total nonconceptuality, that occurrence is a feature that is contrasted with nonoccurrence. Here the question of whether things occur or don’t occur is irrelevant. The experience is more like this: We see things happening, but we feel that nothing is actually occurring, that nothing ever occurs even though it appears as if it is always occurring. We can recognize that occurring and not occurring is another conceptual dichotomy.

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