Excerpt About Effort

Doing Your Part to Untangle Your Personality

You can use the teacher to do your struggling, or you can do it yourself. Why waste your precious time with a teacher? Why waste the precious time of the teacher? The teacher can be put to better use. Your own struggle with your issues, doing your part to untangle your personality, will make the Work most effective. Perceiving your deficiencies, not defending against the hole and acting out your defenses, but seeing what you are identified with and allowing what is arising in you in that moment will create the friction that melts away impurities until what remains is what is true in you. As you continue this effort, a new capacity and maturity results. When you take responsibility for yourself, when you really confront and embrace yourself, you have life. That is the reality of what you’ve got. It is what you live. It is what you taste. It is what you smell. It is what you touch. It is reality.

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