Excerpt About Effort

The Effort to Be a Genuine Human Being

If you really want to experience what it is like to be a genuine human being, you need to put in the effort it takes to live like one, regardless of how difficult it is. As I said, a large part of the work here involves the friction between the principles, ideas and beliefs that you came with, and the principles of the Work. Through the process, you will understand and realize previously unknown parts of yourself. This will lead to modifications in your behavior which you must work towards consciously and continuously. You should behave in a genuinely human way, not only with me or your teacher, but with everyone in your life. Otherwise, you are perpetuating the infantile part of you; you are still acting like an animal. So, with each other here and with all the people in your life, you should make a conscious effort to live according to those finer elements that you understand and realize, rather than indulging in the old patterns. Ideally, there will be mutual respect and appreciation, mutual kindness and understanding. Another human being is an expression of the most sublime thing there is, just as you are such an expression. If you don’t relate to that human being with respect, appreciation, and recognition, you are not respecting or recognizing that sublime element in yourself.

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