Excerpt About Ego

Gradual Dissolution of Ego Structures

It would seem in the process described above that a particular ego structure dissolves and is replaced by space and a quality of presence. This is true, but this does not mean that the particular structure has dissolved completely and will never arise again in the soul’s experience. ego structures do not simply finally dissolve, as the experience seems to indicate. They dissolve during the experience, but when the right situation evokes the related ego structure, that structure will probably arise. If the individual has worked through the structure the way we described it above, when it comes back it will be different. It will have lost some, or most, of its charge, and will have less power to structure the soul. The soul will recognize it more easily, and disidentify from it with greater ease. This will give the soul the opportunity to work through it further, to see something about it she missed the first time around, and to also understand it from a larger and more fundamental perspective, depending on the new stage of her overall development. This process tends to repeat itself at the various stages of the soul’s inner journey, especially when she is working through the major ego structures. The result is that the impression on the soul constituting any particular ego structure becomes steadily shallower and less powerful, more flexible and transparent, and less able to structure the soul in a fixed way. This is like sanding out a depression in a piece of wood. The more sanding, the less deep is the impression and the less important it is as a structure.

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