Excerpt About Emotional States

Essence is Not an Emotional State; Essence is Being

It’s a very tricky business. The reason it’s tricky is that the perception of Essence can come very close to the perception of certain emotional states. As many of you know, Essence is not an emotional state; it’s not an emotion. Essence is being. It is something that is actually, substantially there. Most of you fail to understand the significance of this point, so you tend to confuse Essence with emotional states. When we experience Essence, we tend not to value it as much as it deserves. We do this for many reasons. One reason particular to this Work is that it is easy to get. In a year or two of working here, you start experiencing your essence which, throughout history, has been purported to be very, very difficult to achieve. So when you get it in this easier way, you tend not to value it. The culture we live in is materialistic. The more you pay, the better the thing is that you bought. If you get something without paying a lot, you don’t think it’s worth much. It works the same way with your true nature. Because it is easy to get, a lot of the time you don’t see the significance or the value of it. You don’t realize that without Essence there is nothing; without Essence there is only suffering.

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