Excerpt About Emotions

Expressing Emotions Stops the Process of Transformation

All kinds of emotions can be automatic—for example, hopelessness or despair. Not acting on these feelings means that even though you might wake up in the morning feeling that your life is pointless and hopeless, you get out of bed and go to your job anyway. Not acting on automatic emotions means that if a friend comes by and you are feeling lonely and needy and you want a hug, you do not act on that desire—you just feel it, because you know that that desire is to fill an automatic and elementary need. It might take time for you to understand what the non-expression of automatic emotions entails, and that is fine. what is entailed in not indulging in your automatic emotions is being conscious all the time. We are not talking about suppressing the emotions, we’re talking about not expressing them. To express them discharges them, and that stops you from really understanding and going deeper. Expressing emotions stops the process of transformation, because a truly mature human being does not act on these emotions. This practice is most important; doing it will teach us a lot. It might be hard to understand what it involves, but you need to persist anyway. If you want to grow up to be who you truly are, you have to learn to do these things. Indulgence will not help you. Indulgence just feeds the elementary needs and values, and perpetuates them.

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