Excerpt About Emptiness

Seeing that Being is the Radiance of Emptiness

But fully understanding emptiness reveals not only that everything, including the individual soul, is a manifestation of Being, but also that it is simultaneously empty of self, which means it doesn’t have the kind of existence that we ordinarily attribute to it. That is to say, Being as a whole is always in complete yab-yum with nonbeing, complete eternal and inseparable embrace with its partner. When we see this, we are recognizing the emptiness of self. When we perceive that everything is empty of self, then the beingness recognizes that the world is not only a manifestation of Being, but also a manifestation of emptiness. We discover that in fact Being is the radiance of emptiness, a radiance that has variegated colors and multifaceted forms that we experience as the world and all the content of our experience. Understanding emptiness through the thorough investigation of the self liberates us both from our accumulated constructs and from our belief in existence. The concept of existence is the foundation for the scaffolding of the self—it underlies and supports all of our accumulated ideas and impressions. So by seeing the emptiness of self, by seeing Being free from the idea of existence, we pull the rug out from under all of our constructs. Recognizing the emptiness of self makes it more difficult to continue the process of construction and the process of believing in the constructions.

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