Excerpt About Enlightenment Drive

Manifestation of the Enlightenment Drive

So how does the liberated enlightenment drive manifest? How will we experience motivation? How will we experience the practice? What will make us practice? We can begin to unravel these questions from the view of realization. Realization informs not only the practice but also the motivation for practice. We can recognize that anything we can say about motivation only approximates what reality is and how it works. In fact, you practice not because you love anything, not because you have compassion for anybody—practice is irrespective of all of that. You just practice. You simply can’t help it. You move toward reality because that is how things are. Prior to this realization, you practice because of your love, your compassion, your wanting to serve. All of these are appropriations of the enlightenment drive. We try to own the enlightenment drive; we make it our enlightenment drive. The liberation of the enlightenment drive happens when practice becomes motiveless, practice without motivation. We can think that the enlightenment drive, rather than the individual self, is the source of our motivation to practice. But we still don’t recognize things fully when the individual self experiences the action of the enlightenment drive as a selfless motivation. Although that is closer to the truth, it is still not complete. When we see things from the view of realization, the impulse to practice does not appear as a motivation—not only is it not your motivation, it is not a motivation at all. The enlightenment drive itself is not motivated. It is the source of our motivation and, at the same time, it is beyond motivation. When the action of the enlightenment drive is filtered through the individual soul, which is our individual consciousness, we construe it as motivation.

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