Excerpt About Enlightenment

Being Responsible for Our Realization

In other words, we do need to be responsible for our realization, we need to be earnest, we need to be committed, we need to have selfless motivation, and we need to apply our capacities. However, at some point, none of that will be effective unless we recognize that it is not due to our motivation and the application of our capacities that realization or enlightenment happens. In fact, we recognize that we, as individual souls, are capacities of Living Being. We are organs of Living Being, organs for Living Being to recognize its enlightenment. The individual needs to recognize that it is Living Being that attains enlightenment and achieves realization. And Living Being attains realization by manifesting all our life and all our experience and all the influences that open us up to realization. This all-accomplishing dynamism realizes its enlightenment also by appearing in our consciousness as the motivation to practice and as the capacity to practice. In other words, your taking responsibility for your realization is true nature intensifying its practice to reveal its enlightenment. They are not two things. Divine grace and your responsibility are not two things. You taking responsibility for your realization is grace. The fact that you have capacities is also grace. The fact that you practice is grace. There is no dichotomy between your practice and grace. Your practice is grace. Your practice is always already Living Being appearing in your consciousness as the enlightenment drive—as the motivation, as the capacity, as the sincerity, as the commitment, as the clarity, as the emptiness, as the radiance, as the luminosity, and as the enlightenment.

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