Excerpt About Enlightenment

Dynamic Illumination that Comprises both the Illuminating Dynamic and the Dynamically Illuminated

Realization means that we have the certainty and recognition that we are true nature and that our being is true nature. We know that what perceives and experiences and what understands and knows is true nature. So there is a freedom from the usual sense of self. When essential activation is this free, it is runaway realization. Runaway realization is the closest thing in this teaching to what is considered enlightenment. Our experience has become runaway realization when realization keeps changing and morphing into other realizations. True nature continues to reveal different faces of itself, and in each face what we are is true nature. Enlightenment becomes a dynamic illumination that comprises both the illuminating dynamic and the dynamically illuminated. True nature is both the revealing light and the revealed truth of enlightenment.

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